氏名 中学校名 学年
岡崎 まい、中澤 柚葉 寺戸 1年
東 蓮太朗 寺戸 2年
金子 奏 寺戸 3年



氏名 中学校名 学年
上出 汀紗、林 莉和子 西ノ岡 1年
五十棲 梓 勝山 2年
三浦 万季 勝山 3年



氏名 中学校名 学年
中小路 陽向、松崎 瑞樹 勝山 1年
伊崎 友梨 勝山 2年
北村 和音 勝山 3年




A: Excuse me, where's Terado Junior High School?
B: Oh, it's on Muko street.
A: Is that far from here? Do I take the bus?
B: Don't worry, it's near! Go straight, and turn left on the river.
A: That river?
B: Right! Then walk about ten minute. Mmm? Can you see the river from here?
A: Yes, I can. Because I'm superman. By the way, is the school on the left or the right?
B: On the right, next to the vending machine. Ms.Superman. But why do you want to go to Terado junior High School?
A: I heard they have super kids there, so I want to see super Terado Kids.
B: It's me. I'm a super Terado kid.
A: すみません。寺戸中学校はどこですか?
B: はい、向日通りの近くです。
A: そこは遠いですか? バスを使いますか?
B: 心配いりませんよ。そこは近いです! ここからまっすぐ進み、川を左に曲がります。
A: あの川ですか。
B: その通り! それから10分くらいです。うん?ここから川が見えるんですか?
A: はい。なぜなら私はスーパーマンです。ところで、学校は左ですか?右ですか?
B: 右です。自動販売機のとなりです。スーパーマン、しかしなぜあなたは寺戸中学校にいきたいの?
A: そこにスーパーキッズがいると聞いたので、スーパー寺戸キッズに会いたいのです。
B: それは私だよ。私がスーパー寺戸キッズです。




 What did you eat last night? Were you able to eat a lot?
 Do you know there are a lot of people who die of hunger all over the world?
 United Nations has named October 16th“World Food Day”. It is the day which we have to think about “Food Problem” seriously. The purpose of World Food Day is to get food for people all over the world as the most important human right and to solve hunger and poverty problems.Therefore in Japan, we have an organization named “Japan International Food for the Hungry”
The other day, I attended Mr. Tamura Jiro's speech. He is a director of JIFH. I learned many things there. For example・・・

  • There are only 10 countries that can drink water directly from taps.
  • Every minute, 17 people die of hunger.
  • Children in some countries are doing unfair work because of their poverty.

 I was shocked to hear the speech. Especially, the unfair work part was the biggest.
 Now, many soccer balls are sold in Japan. They are all handmade. And some of them are made by children.Some children are forced to work or taken away from their families. Some are even forced to work by their families. They are young like me. But they are making commodities for little pay. So these commodities they are making are sold all over the world for low prices.
 In Japan, we can easily go to school and are not allowed to work.But in the world, many people can't go to school, don't know how to write and do their work because of the poverty and the class system. This is unfair.
 What should we do? What's the solution to the problem?
 It is The Fair Trade System. The Fair Trade System is an idea which saves developing countries by purchasing commodities with proper pay and selling at proper price. If the economy in developing countries is stable, people in these countries can buy enough food.These commodities have a symbol mark on them. Although we still have few chances to see them, maybe this is one of the things we can do now as junior high school students.
 Also reducing food waste is one of the ways to help the system. We can reduce food waste by purchasing food that has a close expiration date. Fund -raising is a good way, too. People in some countries can eat a lot with only a 100 yen coin.
 I should think more about this problem. And I want to contribute my effort to the Food Problem in this world. "


  • 世界で水道水を飲むことができるのはたった10カ国しかないこと。
  • 1分間に17人もの人が餓えで命を失っていること。
  • 貧困のため、学校に行っていない子どもたちが罪を犯してしまうということ。



A: Hello.
B: Hello. This is Nagisa. Can I speak to Rikako, please?
A: Speaking. What’s up?
B: Rikako, thank you for yesterday. I had a really good time.
A: Me, too.
B: By the way, after you went home yesterday, I found a notebook in my room.
A: Oh, it's my dream notebook.
B: A dream notebook? What's that?
A: It's full of my dreams. You know the three Japanese doctors who won the Nobel Prize.
B: Yes, that's the blue LED, right?
A: Well, my dream is to win the Nobel Prize someday.
B: Are you sure? It's a big dream! What are you going to study?
A: I have some ideas, for example to invent a door which can transform anywhere in a moment.
B: It's like Doraemon's ....
A: Yes, I'm also thinking of a cape which can make a person invisible. That sounds interesting, doesn't it?
B: That's maybe Harry Potter's....
A: And ....
B: That's enough. How long will your strange imagination last?
B:夢ノート? 何それ?
A:それには私の夢がつまってるのよ。あなたも知ってるとおり、日本人の教授が3人、 ノーベル賞を受賞したでしょ。




 “Doing your best is cool!"This is a slogan of my school.When I entered Katsuyama Junior High School and saw the slogan, I couldn't accept it. Because I thought there will be some cases where I will be ridiculed or be thought of as awkward even if I do my best. When I was in elementary school, I was very shy and had negative feelings to doing anything. I had few friends. I never expressed what I was thinking to them. Now I love this slogan and it has supported me. Today I’d like to talk about “my new self” after I entered this JHS.
 When I entered it, I joined the fine arts club. I liked expressing my thoughts by drawing. In the club, I made many good friends. Among these friends, I learned to be able to use words to express myself. I gradually noticed that I liked expressing what I was thinking. I became the president of the fine arts club.
 Then the biggest challenge for me was coming soon. I wanted to join the student body council. In order to be a member, I had to give the speech to all the students at the election. I felt so nervous that my voice and legs trembled. At last I was elected and I was sure that, “doing my best," was accepted by many of the students even if I was very awkward. Since then, I experienced various activities as a member of the student body council. Especially the live announcements at the once a year sports day gave me a great experience. At first I was still afraid of stammering or stumbling. When I saw the students who performed well or ran very hard, I really felt they were so cool. Suddenly I understood I didn't have to care about my mistakes and all I had to care about was how to deliver my announcement saying how cool the students were! I remembered the slogan; “doing your best is cool!" Finally I was able to share my pleasure with all the students.
 The slogan I learned at Katsuyama Junior High School has given me great confidence. Now, I am “my new self." In the future, no matter what situation may come up, or no matter what difficulties I may have, I’d like to express what I think without hesitating. The slogan will support me!



A: Here we are. This is Antarctica in winter.
B: It's very cold. The landscape is white everywhere in front of my eyes.
A: Yes. It's usually like this. Come this way. Let's watch the penguins.
B: What are they doing there? Are they conducting research?
A: Yes, they are. They are conducting research on penguins in Antarctica.
B: There are penguins. 1, 2, 3, 4… There are too many penguins to count!
A: There are more than one million penguins in some cases.
B: Hey, they are looking at us, and heading to us…. Scary…
A: Let's escape from here!!
A: さぁ、どうぞ。ここが冬の南極大陸です。
B: とても寒いですね。一面に白い世界が広がっていますね。
A: はい、冬はたいてい、こんな感じです。こっちに来て。 ペンギンを見よう。
B: 彼らはあそこで何をしているの? 彼らは調査を行っているの?
A: はい。彼らは調査を行っています。南極大陸に住むペンギンを詳しく調査しています。
B: あ、あそこにペンギンがいた。 1、2、3、4、5…数が多すぎて数えきれないね。
A: 多い時には100万羽以上いますよ。
B: ところで、ペンギンの集団がこっちにむかってきますよ。なんか怖いですね。
A: にげろ!




 “Do you eat well? If you can, it’s OK.To eat is to live." Every time I was sick and absent from a swimming lesson, the coaches would often say these words to me.I have loved eating since I was a little child, so my dream is to get a job related to the food industry. However, along the way, some things prevented me from enjoying eating. Today, I would like to share two things I learned from my days of dieting.
 First, I learned that an unbalanced diet takes away our strength even if we feel good. At my school, I joined the gymnastics club. One day I decided to lose weight so that I could give a better gymnastics performance. At first, I stopped eating sweets. Then I lost weight and could move with greater ease. This made me happy so I started cutting down on my meal portions. I believed losing weight enabled me to do a back flip. However, at the rehearsal for the last competition, I felt too tired to finish the performance. I didn't realize that I lost so much of my stamina until then. It was a terrible shock to me.
 Second, I learned that an unbalanced diet takes away the ability to control ourselves. When my family, teachers, and coaches gave me advice to eat more, I wouldn't listen to them. I could understand it in mind but couldn't accept it in heart. I experienced the trouble that I could not eat even if I wanted to eat. I lost control of my ability to eat. An unbalanced diet causes an unbalanced mind. When I realized the mistake, suddenly the gymnastic teacher’s words came to my heart. “Eat three regular meals a day." At the same time, the words of the swimming coach came back to me with reality, “To eat is to live."
 My dream is to make people happy and healthy with food. I want to arrange a well-balanced diet for people who can not eat though they want to. For example, some traditional foods are very healthy but not popular. So, I want to help people be familiar with such foods. Eating well keeps us mentally and physically strong. Let’s enjoy eating!


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